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Joe Plumb

Joe Plumb, Associate

Joe Plumb was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and his childhood ambition was to become an architect. He received a Master of Architecture from University of Kansas. During his final semester, he was awarded the opportunity to intern with Frédéric Borel Architects in Paris, France. After graduation, Joe relocated to Houston to join Jackson & Ryan Architects. He brings his love of art and drawing to all of his projects. Joe is passionate about design and architecture, particularly the way that it can transform a city, a neighborhood, and each person’s experience. ​He enjoys developing the underlying design idea through collaboration with the client and the project team in the studio design process. Joe is known for being a great team member and for his ability to explore design options that reflect the client’s ambitions and enrich the human experience. He believes that it is through the process of exploring three-dimensional spaces, materials, and light that architectural design can result in places that delight our clients and those that work, study and visit these buildings. 

Joe enjoys sports, being outside, and spending time with his friends and wife Kristin.


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