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Martha T. Seng, FAIA

Martha Seng received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin where she was the recipient of the AIA School Medal and the Henry Adams Certificate of Merit. She has worked for CRS and Morris Architects, and she has been a Principal with Jackson & Ryan Architects since 1991. Martha's interest in community issues and her ability to blend work with a sense of humor make her an effective civic leader. She serves on the board of directors for Houston Achievement Place and the Houston SPCA where she is Board Chair. A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, she serves on the boards of the Houston Architecture Foundation, the Texas Architecture Committee and AIA Houston where she was President in 2004. In the past several years, Martha has had the chance to direct her energy almost exclusively to the architecture of animal shelters. She has conducted several educational seminars on creative animal shelter design, written numerous articles, been published in Animal Sheltering magazine and contributed to Architectural Graphic Standards on animal shelter design principles.

Marth T. Seng's Featured Work