Houston SPCA Animal Medical Center
Houston, Texas

The renovation of the existing 40,000 SF shelter building allowed the Houston SPCA to create a new state-of-the-art, AAHA certified, animal hospital and rehabilitation center. The animal hospital provides services for shelter animals and pets owned by the public with exam rooms, surgical suites, and stress free animal housing environments. The center provides spay and neuter surgeries, orthopedic, dental and internal medicine procedures. Veterinary students from Texas A&M reside at the on-campus dormitory, and receive hands-on experience with the wide range of care and specie type. 

The Animal Medical Center houses a Rehoming Center, providing the public full counseling services before surrendering an animal. The Houston SPCA is the only organization in the area equipped for Cruelty Investigations and Seizures. The Medical Center is designed for the  incoming animals to receive complete veterinary care. An Emergency Triage space is designed for animals that arrive on the 24 hour ambulance. Intensive care and special isolation areas are located throughout the Animal Medical Center to ensure all animals are cared for properly with disease control and mitigation as a high priority.


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