Equine and Farm Animal Center
Houston, Texas

Horses and other farm animals that come to the Houston SPCA are usually malnourished and suffer from general neglect and lack of veterinary care. The Equine and Farm Animal Center is set up to rehabilitate these animals back to healthy living with reinforcement through positive human bonding. 

Stalls are large to facilitate care for those special needs, and the veterinary stations are well stocked with the right equipment. Paddocks are close by for outdoor exercise and fresh air, complete with a mud management surface, shade structures and feeding stations. 

The Rescue Arena allows staff to work with the horses through their exercise routines, but also gives an opportunity to potential adopters to get to know their horse before taking them  home. The Rescue Arena is designed to accommodate multiple functions when additional space is needed to handle unplanned situations, such as disaster recovery efforts and large cruelty seizures. The Equine Center plays a major role in the good work performed by the Houston SPCA.


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