The Sheridan Residences and Study Center
Houston, Texas

Woodlawn Foundation Inc. selected Jackson & Ryan Architects to design two new study centers. The Sheridan Study Center is a new 3 story, residential, project for women. The congregate living project is designed for 16 residents integrating faith, lifestyle, and work as guided by the Catholic Prelature of Opus Dei.


The client requested a liturgical space that is welcoming to young women for daily mass, special services, and private prayer. The chapel is on the first floor adjacent to the main entrance. Large wooden double doors open into the narthex with stained glass windows and a second set of smaller double doors inset with stained glass panels providing a view into the chapel. From the narthex, one can enter a confessional, a quiet room for women with young children or move along the axis into the worship space. Natural materials such as wood and stone were requested by the client and help achieve their goal for a simple, traditional, yet light and airy worship space.


Also included on the first floor are a multi-purpose room for teaching, several sitting rooms and a living room that will be used by its residents and their guests. The back of of house includes sewing room and laundry rooms, resident dining rooms and a demonstration and communal kitchen, and storage. The second floor has an education room and a library, several offices, sitting rooms and resident units. The third floor includes an exercise room, a family room and residential units.


2017 Faith and Form Religious Art & Architecture Design Winner

2017 John Staub Award

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